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One Billion smiles of pet companions/professionals & pet parents per day by 2020.


We are a Android phone platform to connect pet parents and pet companions/professionals with our Petvacays and Petvacays pro app.

Challenges faced by Pet Parents:

  1. Shortage of time in today’s occupied lifestyle for pet walk, pet Bath, check up and vaccination.
  2. Asking for favours is always not feasible from neighbours, friends & relatives.
  3. Keeping a dedicated resource/servant to take care of our pet’s needs is not a permanent solution.
  4. Worry of taking care of pets when at office, out of station for business tours or going to enjoy a long holiday with family.
  5. Senior citizens find challenge to handle pets as they intend to run faster and try breaking free when brought out of home

Challenges faced by pet companions/professionals:

  1. Pet lovers, find cities as abode for earning livelihood and their caretaking attitude leaves them lonely and looking forwards to freelancing or becoming animal activist is not easy.
  2. Professionals who know pet care and have worked for years to master training check keys, vaccination, bathing find difficult to connect with new pet parents in their vicinity to earn extra money.
  3. References of pet professionals always do not fulfil their hunger to serve four legged kids of pet parents.
  4. Freelancers look forward to opportunities to make their life interesting by pet sitting, boarding, pet walks etc.